OR Block Utilization

OR time is valuable. Let our OR platform maximize your value.

Are You Struggling to Improve OR Utilization?

Efficient and equitable utilization of surgical block time is a crucial factor in ensuring operational excellence and financial viability. At Leap Rail, we understand the intricate challenges faced by hospitals and surgery centers in optimizing their operating room (OR) efficiency. With our real-time analytics and block time management solutions powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, we revolutionize the way perioperative leaders navigate the complexities of OR utilization.

Improve Block Time Utilization
Increase OR Productivity
Maximize Surgical Revenue
Effectively Manage Block Release
Enhance Surgeon Satisfaction

OR Block Utilization Challenges

The stakes couldn't be higher when considering the cost implications of underutilized OR time. With estimates measuring OR time at a staggering $100 per minute based on nationwide studies, hospitals and surgery centers struggle with the pressing need to maximize every minute efficiently.

Conventional block scheduling often falls short, plagued by inefficiencies and inequities. Surgeons and schedulers encounter hurdles in accurately predicting future block utilization, leading to missed opportunities and suboptimal resource allocation. Inaccurate scheduling of surgical case times compounds delays, affecting not only operational efficiency but also surgeon satisfaction and patient care.

Maximize Operating Suite Utilization

Leap Rail steps in as a game-changer, empowering perioperative leaders with actionable insights and intuitive tools to maneuver OR capacity management seamlessly.

Effective Block Utilization Predictions

Leveraging predictive and prescriptive analytics, our AI engine forecasts future block utilization, equipping surgeons and schedulers with invaluable predictions of future block utilization to proactively manage allocations and caseload. Our real-time analytics provide direct access to transparent data, enabling informed decision-making "on the fly."

By combining AI predictions and smart mobile notifications to drive physician engagement, organizations are able to improve block utilization by over 15%.Going a step further, Leap Rail gives OR managers recommendations for future block allocation for surgeons based on actual caseload, even for surgeons without existing blocks, bringing much needed objectivity to conventional block review meetings.

Collaborative Block Release Management

Through our web-based block release management system, Leap Rail facilitates automatic and voluntary block releases, driving physician engagement and ensuring timely accessibility of OR time.

This policy-driven, collaborative approach allows surgeons the ability to request notifications if desired times are released, making it possible to more effectively fill operating suite availability. The self-serve nature of this functionality empowers surgeons, schedulers, and OR managers to seamlessly coordinate block allocations, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and priorities.

Discover Surgical Block Time Improvements

The impact of Leap Rail solutions reverberates across the entire perioperative platform, delivering tangible results.

  • Maximized Operating Room Value: By optimizing staff, equipment, and capital utilization, hospitals and surgery centers witness a significant improvement in OR efficiency and, in turn, surgical revenue.
  • Improved Surgeon Satisfaction: By eliminating delays attributed to inaccurate scheduling of surgical case times, surgeons experience smoother workflows, enhancing their overall satisfaction and productivity.
  • Streamlined Decision-Making: Leap Rail's transparent and user-friendly interface empowers stakeholders to make data-driven decisions in real-time, fostering a culture of accountability and efficiency.
  • Enhanced Patient Care: Downstream, the ripple effect of improved block utilization extends to patient care, as timely access to OR time translates into reduced wait times for procedures and enhanced patient outcomes.

Leap Rail emerges as a trusted partner, spearheading the shift in surgical block time utilization. Through innovation and technology, we give perioperative leaders the power to unlock the full potential of their ORs, driving efficiency, satisfaction, and superior patient care.

"We were able to create more blocks and increase our block utilization up to the 90th percentile."
Leap Rail Brigham and Women's Hospital journal of medical systems
NorthBay Health
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Different from EHRs, Leap Rail goes beyond simple metrics of average surgical case duration taking into account over 1,500 distinct dimensions from your existing operating room data to improve accuracy and visibility into the true availability of operating theaters, surgeons, anesthesiologists, and staffing resources.