Supply Chain Management

Streamline cost and resource management to maximize OR productivity.

Effective ORs Start with an Effective Supply Chain

Efficient supply chain management is paramount to the financial health of operating rooms (ORs). Every day countless time and labor resources are wasted procuring instruments and supplies, orchestrating schedules across vendors and internal departments, and crunching numbers to manage OR budgets. Leap Rail introduces innovative solutions to tackle the complexities of the healthcare supply chain, empowering hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers to optimize costs, streamline processes, and enhance overall performance.

Identify Cost Saving Initiatives
Effectively Manage Supply Costs
Seamless Vendor Coordination
Minimize Delays
Improve Financial Sustainability

Complex OR Environments Lead to Complex Supply Chain Needs

With ORs being one of the largest sources of operating expenses in the healthcare system, an immense amount of attention is placed on the management and cost of operating room-related resources. With so many moving parts and people resources involved throughout the perioperative process, supply chain management can quickly become problematic.  

  • Cost Management Pressure: With rising healthcare costs, effective management of supplies, implants, and pharmacy items is critical to maintaining financial viability.
  • Lack of Visibility: Manual processes and disparate systems make it challenging to track and analyze costs associated with surgical cases, hindering decision-making and cost-saving initiatives.
  • Vendor Coordination: Coordinating with multiple vendors and managing interactions between OR staff, sterile processing, and vendor representatives consumes valuable time and resources, leading to inefficiencies and delays.

Harnessing Technology for Effective Resource Allocation

Leap Rail’s intelligent operating room management platform is in your corner when it comes to streamlining supply chain management in the OR.

Comprehensive Surgical Cost Analysis

Our platform captures detailed cost data at the item level, providing OR management with actionable insights to drive cost-saving initiatives. By summarizing this data into actionable insights, Leap Rail facilitates standardization and cost management efforts across facilities and surgeons.

Holistic Operating Room Performance Metrics

Leap Rail integrates volume, cost, quality, and contribution metrics into a single view, enabling objective analysis of improvement opportunities. This holistic approach allows OR administrators to identify areas for optimization both clinically and operationally, driving efficiency and reducing costs.

Efficient Vendor Management

The Leap Rail Vendor Management module streamlines communication between OR staff, sterile processing, and vendor representatives through a common portal. AI predictions for accurate case start times extend to vendor representatives, ensuring seamless coordination and minimizing delays. Automatic documentation of interactions creates an audit trail, saving time and reducing errors.

Simplify Cost Management in the Operating Room

Leap Rail's supply chain management solutions provide hospitals and surgery centers an innovative approach to OR management, yielding significant benefits such as cost savings and streamlined processes.

  • Cost Savings: Detailed cost analysis and standardization initiatives facilitated by Leap Rail lead to reduced supply costs and improved financial performance.
  • Operational Efficiency: Streamlined vendor management processes and real-time communication minimize delays and errors, enhancing overall operational efficiency and patient satisfaction.
  • Improved Accountability: Automatic documentation of interactions with vendors creates an accountable and auditable trail of information, reducing mistakes, delays, and avoidable cancellations.

Leap Rail’s intelligent operating room management software complements every aspect of your perioperative platform from streamlined processes and enhanced surgical performance to effective labor management and reduced supply costs.

"It eliminated the errors, and the vendors are always there on time with the right instruments that we are looking for."
Leap Rail Brigham and Women's Hospital journal of medical systems
NorthBay Health
Perioperative Services

Efficiency improvement can be an undertaking in many facets across the perioperative process, and automating communication is just one simple step towards a more productive OR. Leap Rail's vendor management tools help reduce manual work and free up labor resources to focus on patient care, while enabling vendors and supply providers with the key data they need to ensure equipment is there on time for your surgical cases.