Streamline Operating Room Management

Leap Rail provides a flexible platform for streamlining operating room management through artificial intelligence, workflow automation, and patient, physician, and staff engagement, paving the way for achieving quadruple aim in healthcare.

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Transform PeriOp Efficiency

Leap Rail's innovative approach to scheduling, data management, efficiency metrics, communication, and resource allocation pave the way for hospitals and ASCs to grow volume and value in the OR.

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Optimize Surgical Scheduling

With the power of AI, machine learning, and predictive analytics on your side, Leap Rail helps hospital surgery departments and ASCs attain real, valuable gains to maximize OR utilization, optimize scheduling, and drive case volume.

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“Leap Rail method resulted in a 70% reduction in overall scheduling inaccuracy.”
Leap Rail Brigham and Women's Hospital journal of medical systems
Brigham and Women's Hospital
Journal of Medical Systems

Case duration accuracy is essential for running an efficient operating room. It’s the building block of your plan. Everything else you do is built upon this nuclear attribute. Yet, many organizations rely on simple historical averages provided by their EMR or use surgical team estimates. It has been shown over and over that such simplistic approaches are inaccurate and do have costly consequences on operating suite utilization and patient, physician, and staff satisfaction. Learn how Leap Rail machine learning models significantly improve accuracy and contribute to the quadruple aim.


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