Perioperative Communications

When it comes to patient care, communication matters.

Orchestrating Better Patient Care Through Communication

With so many moving parts and stakeholders across the perioperative platform, effective communication is essential for ensuring patient safety and operational efficiency. From the surgeon’s MA, OR scheduler, nurses, and anesthesiologist to sterile processing, OR cleaning, transport staff, and vendor representatives, there is a multitude of communication touchpoints for every surgical case.

Leap Rail offers innovative tools, powered by automation and advanced AI technology, to streamline this communication and enhance collaboration to refine the operational dynamics of operating rooms (ORs) in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs).

Seamlessly Automate Notifications
Enhance Patient Satisfaction
Maximize Staffing Resources
Improve Cross-Team Communication
Minimize Delays

Communication Barriers Across the Perioperative Platform

Surgical departments encounter numerous challenges in surgical scheduling and operational efficiency. From manual booking processes and phone tag to a lack of checks and balances with auditing and an absence of current surgical case data, large gaps in communication and collaboration will naturally form. These hurdles lead to delays, errors, and inefficiencies, ultimately impacting patient care and resource utilization.

Improved Communication for a Streamlined OR

Leap Rail's communication tools offer a refreshing approach to operational workflows, giving healthcare facilities the means to optimize cross-team collaboration and deliver exceptional patient care.

Streamlined Cross-Team Communication

Effective communication among all stakeholders is critical for ensuring patient safety and maximizing OR efficiency. Leap Rail provides seamless communication channels that enable sharing of time-sensitive information among surgeons, nurses, support staff, and other team members, facilitating coordinated care delivery and minimizing delays.

Actionable Insights and Efficiency

Powered by AI-enabled insights, Leap Rail offers real-time visualization tools tailored to the unique needs of each stakeholder. From schedulers to post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) nurses, our intuitive platform delivers custom views with actionable recommendations to streamline the decision-making processes, enhancing OR efficiency and productivity across the board.

Workflow Automation and Cost Savings

Leap Rail's AI engine automates routine tasks and communication processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention across many points in the periop platform. For example, intelligent rules can trigger mobile notifications to surgeons in case of delays or notify relevant staff members when new cases are assigned, reducing unnecessary phone calls and inquiries.

This not only minimizes errors and delays but also results in significant labor savings, potentially amounting to over $300,000 annually for a typical 20-room OR.

Enhanced Patient Flow Management

Our AI-powered predictions give PreOp and PACU managers the ability to proactively manage patient flow, optimize staff scheduling, and make informed decisions based on real-time data and historical trends. Census predictions with accurate patient arrival and departure times allow teams to make resource allocation decisions and minimize wait times, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for patients from the OR to recovery.

Patient's Family Notifications

Leap Rail goes beyond improving internal communication by enhancing the overall patient experience. Families of patients undergoing surgery receive automated text notifications at key milestones, such as when the surgery finishes or when their loved one enters the PACU. This proactive approach not only alleviates anxiety but also improves patient satisfaction.

Additionally, staff can trigger text messages to coordinate meetings and share operational updates with surgeons, further enhancing communication and engagement. This functionality results in significant soft labor savings, potentially saving up to $50,000 annually for a typical 20-room OR.

Leveraging Communication to Impact OR Benchmarks

Communication and collaboration are essential in organizations of any kind, but especially in the healthcare world as patient safety hangs in the balance. Delays and inefficiencies can mean more than just inconveniences; they can have a direct impact on patient outcomes. Armed with Leap Rail's communication tools, hospitals and surgery centers influence the flow of communication and collaboration between surgical and ancillary services, surgeons and surgical clinics, and patients.

  • Improved Patient Care: Streamlined communication and optimized workflows lead to enhanced patient safety, reduced wait times, and improved overall care quality.
  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: AI-driven insights enable proactive management of resources, minimizing delays and maximizing operational efficiency within the OR environment.
  • Cost Savings: By eliminating manual processes and communication bottlenecks, Leap Rail generates substantial labor savings for healthcare facilities, allowing them to allocate resources more effectively.

Healthcare facilities can overcome communication barriers and inefficiencies through Leap Rail’s automation and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional patient care.

"Something as simple as physician notifications upon patient arrival has changed the landscape and made our workflow easier."
Leap Rail Brigham and Women's Hospital journal of medical systems
Baptist Health Care
Surgical Services

By enabling smart notifications, Baptist Health keeps physicians informed on the status of case start times and patient locations to streamline updates that may impact their day. This allows surgeons to maximize their clinic time before arriving to the OR, instilling confidence in the operating room workflow.