Be Prepared

Predictive Analytics for Operating Rooms

Artificial intelligence is transforming everything we do and operating rooms are no different. Industry leaders today expect their tools to help them predict into the future and the dynamic OR setting is a natural candidate for this transformation to deliver amazing results.

AI Predictions

Surgical Case Duration Accuracy

Length of a surgical case is the most important data-point in effective planning of work streams in an operating suite and yet most organizations have very poor accuracy in their predictions. When retrospectively analysed, it's clear average case durations recommended by EMRs are grossly inaccurate and result in chaos, wasted resources, and patient, surgeon, and staff dissatisfaction.

As published in a Harvard Medical School study in Journal of Medical Systems, Leap Rail artificial intelligence algorithms decrease surgical case duration inaccuracy by over 70% . This improvement enables OR managers to effectively create additional capacity without new capital investment and significantly improve their utilization of existing resources. For a typical 20 room OR, leveraging Leap Rail results in three million dollars additional capacity creation annually.

Operating rooms are dynamic! The status of your cases are constantly changing. New information is available and documented every minute. Leap Rail Board provides you with a real-time picture of the caseload in your suite. Each case clearly reflects the real-time perioperative milestone. The board automatically updates with new milestones and adjusts the start and end times of cases as workflow updates occur. You can customize the color-coded milestone visualization to signal appropriate teams on your staff to better prepare for their next activity.

This visual representation is augmented with a news ticker that announces new case milestones. The news ticker also includes predictions and recommendations that the Leap Rail artificial intelligence engine produces based on case flow updates. These predictions range from anticipated case delays, to predicting after-hours needs, to identifying opportunities for moving cases around to avoid downstream delays.


Block Utilization Predictions

Leap Rail gives surgeons and their office staff predictions on utilization of future blocks. Using this information, they can proactively manage their blocks instead of finding out they missed the target utilization weeks after the fact. By combining AI predictions and smart mobile notifications to drive physician engagement, organizations are able to improve their block utilization by 15%.

Leap Rail AI engine also gives OR managers recommendations for future block allocation for surgeons based on their actual case load, even for surgeons without existing blocks bringing a much needed objectivity to regular block review meetings.


Block Release Management

Leap Rail provides a web-based block release management system that enforces automatic and voluntary block release policies and drives physician engagement for making OR time accessible in a timelier fashion.

Schedulers and surgeons interested in particular blocked times also have the ability to request notifications if their desired time is released. Leveraging this system, it is possible to more effectively fill up OR time that might get released through automatic and voluntary triggers.

The self-serve nature of this system not only increases physician satisfaction and engagement, but also helps organizations save valuable labor resources who otherwise would be randomized by such requests from a number of different stakeholders.

Work Seamlessly

Streamlined Cross-Team Communication

Timely communication among all stakeholders is the cornerstone of delivering a safe patient experience and maximizing operational efficiency.

Leap Rail brings AI enabled, accurate, and real-time insights to life through an intuitive visualization layer that has custom views for all the stakeholders, from schedules to PACU nurses and everybody in between.

In addition, through use of smart labels, automated role based mobile notifications, and a news ticker of actionable recommendations, you will be able to deliver more with less.

Workflow automation enabled by Leap Rail AI engine can eliminate many processes that require staff intervention. For example, Leap Rail allows for creation of rules to send a text message to surgeons if their first case is delayed so they can stay in their clinic longer (a big surgeon satisfaction driver), or to page an RNFA or SA when a new case is assigned to them to review the case details.

Utilizing this broadcast model of information dissemination, teams can cut down on many unnecessary phone calls and inquiries. Doing so, not only minimizes delays and mistakes that could lead to case cancellations, but also results on labor savings. A typical 20 room OR could realize labor savings of over $300,000.

Full Control

Enhanced Management

Leap Rail's AI-powered predictions enable PACU managers to proactively manage patient flow, reduce delays, and optimize staff scheduling, ensuring productive and equitable decision-making based on historical data and individual preferences.

Instead of having patients’ family glued to the monitors in waiting area, they can get automated text messages when their loved one’s case progresses (for example when surgery finishes, or they enter PACU) freeing them to roam about without anxiety, a big patient satisfaction driver. In addition, staff can trigger manual text messages for example to have them meet the surgeon as appropriate. At a typical 20 room OR, this functionality results in soft labor savings of $50,000 by freeing up nurses that perform this function today.

Through Leap Rail AI predictions, PACU managers will have a complete and up-to-minute picture of their workload with accurate patient arrival and departure predictions based on latest data on case progressions that enables them to proactively manage patient flow and cut down on delays.

Leap Rail enables the entire surgical team to know when, where, and how they are needed throughout the day. By having access to a continuously updated schedule of their assignments, everybody can be more productive and less stressed about meeting their responsibilities.

Leap Rail also enables the OR managers to clearly see their team's availability and effectively plan for add-on cases or upcoming days. The artificial intelligence powered engine of Leap Rail empowers the managers to easily assign members of the surgical team to future cases while considering their preferences and impact of assignments on overtime pay.

The AI engine can also predict after-hour staffing needs or when the team is overstaffed relative to the caseload. In both scenarios, it offers guidance to managers helping them be more equitable when making requests or changes to schedules by highlighting historical decisions and individual preferences.

Save Time

Vendor Management

Everyday countless hours are wasted procuring instruments and implants from manufacturers. Leap Rail Vendor Management module allows for all those involved, OR Staff, Sterile Processing, and Vendor Representatives, to communicate seamlessly and easily via a common portal.Like all other Leap Rail experiences, Vendor Management module is accessible from anywhere on any desktop and mobile device. The same AI predictions for accurate case start times are extended to vendor representatives so they know exactly when they might be needed in the OR. The clear and automatic documentation of interactions with vendor representatives by OR staff creates an accountable and auditable trail of information which ultimately not only saves time by eliminating the need for manual phone calls and text messages but results in fewer mistakes, delays, and avoidable cancellations.