Provider Office Scheduling

Every perioperative service leader strives to enable a pleasant experience for their patients and providers. A major part of that journey is the process of securing time in the operating room. Any many of you have told us this part is major driver of dissatisfaction specially with provider offices.

Even though scheduling sounds like a simple enough experience, like everything else in the OR, it is anything but simple!

There is a significant amount of information that needs to be gathered, organized, and properly validate before a surgical case can be scheduled. The dataset might vary by specialty and each provider office or clinic staff might have a different process for capturing this info. It is not uncommon to have many paper forms that need to be filled out and faxed to the OR schedulers.

And that's just the data gathering process. Next comes the phone tag of finding a time when OR is available and matches surgeon's availability and/or block schedule. This back and forth between the office and OR schedulers normally results in mistakes and frustration on all fronts.

At Leap Rail, we believe that this problem not only is worth solving for very operating room, but we also think it is an opportunity to elevate the performance of the OR. Using our Surgical Booking Request module, our customers are able to streamline this process and build-in business rules that improves block and suite utilization drastically.

  • Streamlined electronic booking requests
  • Customizable forms per facility, service line, or even surgeon with tunable required and optional fields
  • Secure document attachments for transfer of H&P and other documentation
  • Self-service and intelligent OR time suggestion for clinics without exposing the schedule book
  • Business rules to encourage higher block and suite utilization
  • Audit trail of interactions between provider office and OR schedulers
  • and so much more

We have seen a significant improvement in satisfaction and efficiency of the OR scheduling process at every customer where we have rolled out this functionality.

So what are you waiting for? Book your demo today and cross off scheduling process from your list of pain points.

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