Better Way to Keep Next-Of-Kin and Care Team Informed

I was told my husband’s surgery would take 2 hours. It’s been 3 hours now and I haven’t heard an update. Will you check on him?

Sound familiar? How about this one?

Why wasn’t I or my clinic notified my surgery has been delayed Disgruntled Surgeon

The operating room (OR) is an intense, fast-paced, detail-oriented environment with-in the hospital requiring OR staff to be organized and flexible. The stress level for all involved must be unimaginable to most. From the surgeon to anesthesiologists, charge nurse, scrub and circulator all focus is on the patient and desired outcome, as it should be. Lack of or delayed communication leads to lower HCAHPS, a frustrated care team and lost revenue.

Improving Patient Communication

Leap Rail’s fully integrated notification system allows automated and/or ad hoc text messages to be sent to the stakeholders of choice. Rather than being glued to monitors in the waiting area, interrupting valuable staff time with update questions or carrying around a restaurant type pager, next of kin are free to roam around for coffee, a bite to eat or a private phone call without fear of missing any updates. On the care team side, automatic messages can be sent to staff scheduled to scrub-in when there is a delay or if a patient needs attention.

Benefits include:

  • Patient satisfaction driver
  • Care team satisfaction driver
  • Automated
  • Time saver
  • Soft labor savings of $50,000 for a medium size facility
  • Increases productivity

The OR may customize the cadence of messages based on milestones like surgery has started, surgery is complete, patient is resting in recovery, start time has been delayed 1.5 hrs, etc… With the ability to send manual messages like "the surgeon will meet you in consult room 2."

Paving the Way for OR Efficiency

Clear and effective communication is the key to just about everything in life and certainly during stressful times. Let Leap Rail help carry some of the load while driving high satisfaction numbers, lowering costs, and freeing staff to focus on their goals.

Leap Rail is the industry standard for operating room management. Founded in 2016 Leap Rail hit the ground running bringing artificial intelligence, workflow automation, unmatched analytics, and patient, physician, staff engagement to the complex operating room. With proven case duration inaccuracy reduced by 70% and 35 elements of OR efficiency, Leap Rail’s customers enjoy seven-figure capital savings, efficient ORs, and happily satisfied patients.

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