Leap Rail Analytics

Leap Rail Analytics gives you a complete picture of operating suite activities. By automatically measuring and trending a variety of key performance indicators across dimensions ranging from case volume, contribution margin, direct costs, scheduling accuracy, suite utilization, after-hours cases, and PACU length of stay, you can easily identify opportunities for improvement.

Analytics ingests all the relevant data automatically from your existing systems and generates reports seamlessly. This level of automation encourages a more data-driven culture.

Using Analytics, you will know who are your most profitable surgeons, whether you are allocating OR minutes to the right procedures, and how surgeon preference cards and choices of supplies impact your costs and bottom line. Armed with this information, you can have objective and productive conversations with your stakeholders to better manage costs and improve financial performance.

Since you cannot improve anything you are not measuring, Leap Rail Analytics is a great complement to our other products that help with operational efficiency in the operating suite. Leveraging the Analytics app, you can clearly see the impact of your process improvement initiatives.

Everybody benefits from more intelligence.

Surgical Team

  • Objective assessment of improvement initiatives
  • Transparency and accountability


  • Transparency in performance metrics
  • Objectivity and consistency in engagements with administration

Surgery Center Administrators

  • Transparency and accountability
  • Objectivity and consistency in engagements with staff & surgeons

Hospital Administrators

  • Visibility into financial and operational health of operating suite
  • Accountability for improvement programs and investments

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